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BAHANDI Heritage Walking Tour

The Baclayon Ancestral Home Organization, also known as BAHANDI (meaning treasure in Visayan), is a neighborhood association comprised of the owners of 67 Spanish colonial houses in Baclayon. In 2002, BAHANDI formed to rally against a provincial road-widening program which set the houses for demolition. However, with considerable community organizing, protest, and support from the Ayala Foundation, the homes were spared from destruction.

To provide funds for the preservation of the heritage homes, some of which date back to 1853, and to maintain their stature against future infrastructure programs, many of the ancestral homes are a part of the BAHANDI Heritage Walking Tour, an eco-cultural activity designed to promote and preserve not only the Baclayon ancestral houses, but also the heritage of the whole community.

The tour will give you the opportunity to explore, with a local guide, the towns historic treasures including the Baclayon Church, 17th century elementary school and Spanish bridges, as well as some beautiful examples of centuries old ancestral houses. The tour also provides refreshments of traditional Baclayanon delicacies, Txocolate (hot chocolate) and Broas (also known as Lady Fingers – see Local Delicacies), at a elegant table setting outside the church.

Along with the Heritage Walking Tour, BAHANDI also organizes a Homestay Program (see Homestays), along with various cultural events, such as singing contests, music recitals and festivals. The homestays provide guests not only with bed and breakfast, but also the rare opportunity to live amongst the Baclayon community and soak up the local culture.


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